Hotel ‘Goldener Adler‘ is one of the earliest and well-known guesthouses in Bressanone/Brixen (land registration number 1). It was first mentioned around 1500. Since then, Kayser Max I., Charles V., the French writer and philosopher Michel de Montaigne, heir to the throne Cosimo of Medici and numerous others have been guests at our hotel.

1500 First mentioned as a guesthouse and eating place.
Kayser Max I. is one of the hotel’s visitors. Together with his entourage, he is supposed to have stayed in the historic town. The same is said about Charles V.

1580 The French writer and philosopher Michel de Montaigne stayed at the Goldener Adler. In his book ‘Le voyage en Italie’, he writes that he stayed overnight in Bressanone/Brixen, a ‘tres belle ville‘ (a very beautiful town) in a ‘bonne auberge’ (a great hotel).

1582 The Peissers have the honour of waiting on Archduke Ferdinand and his entourage on their way to Parma.

1651 The future wife of Kayer Ferdinand III, Eleonora of Mantua, travelled with her entourage of 800 people via the Puster Valley to Vienna and is listed in the hotel’s calendar on 31st March 1651.

1659 The Venitian Delegate Nani stayed at the hotel.

1667 Heir to the throne, Cosimo of Medici honours the Peisser family with his presence.

Since 1988, the building has been in the possession of the Mayr Family who revive the long tradition and hospitality of the house and have fully renovated the hotel. In 2000, the newly renovated Hotel "Goldener Adler" was re-opened.

In 2013, some rooms were renovated again and now feature a modern style with excellent facilities.